What does that even mean, Agency?

Agency is the capacity for human beings to reason and exert influence to achieve a specific and intended result. Therefore, only rational beings who can reason and make informed judgements are capable of having agency; contrasted with nature or luck that can only act unthinkingly and can only result in random outcomes.

When an outcome is the result of human decision making, one has a duty to apply value judgments to these results, and to be held responsible for these decisions.
Agency entitles the agent to evaluate these results and question if they should have occurred.

How does this even relate to Internet marketing?
The ability to act does not always imply that one has the capacity to act with agency; to achieve a specific outcome. Capability alone does not guarantee intended results. This requires an entire orchestration of qualities (talent, wisdom, confidence, foresight) and actions (to ration, to perform, to finalize, to measure).

We’ve been doing this for a long time. We have the experience to reason and make informed decisions when marketing. We have the talent and capacity to act with intention. We have the commitment to measure these results and the duty to take credit or be accountable for the outcome.
A client who wants anything to change has Agency to initiate the process that will bring about their intended objectives. For some people, we are those agents.

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