Tourism Engine

Tourism Engine

Tourism Engine™ is a complete software solution that addresses all your email marketing needs. Simple, Capable and Flexible. Destinations and Attractions choose Tourism Engine™ because it provides their team only what they need. If you need something to process your inquiries, fulfillment, data and turn that into Actionable Feedback, consider Tourism Engine™. Starting at $40 per month, it provides what Colorado, Oregon, and dozens of other smart tourism marketers need to succeed in today’s market.

Components in Tourism Engine™

The Tourism Engine™ is a solution that combines CRM (Customer Relationship Management) capabilities on a CMS (Content Management Solution). It’s been built for the unique needs of DMOs, CVBs and Attractions over many years on open source technologies. This approach minimizes development costs and keeps your options open. Each client has a unique, secure instance where your data is hosted in the Cloud. Your annual payment covers this hosting. Support and Analysis time is billed separately as used. Tourism Engine™ integrates Google Analytics with transactions to provide comprehensive ad tracking and performance in a centralized database. We then use intelligence software to turn that data into actionable feedback.


We built the Tourism Engine™ to solve many of the common challenges unique to Tourism. Here’s what it can do:

  • Web To Lead – receives inquiry forms, visitor guides and conversions from any source
  • Data Transformation – Organizes the data into the Tourism Data Model to facilitate accurate and relevant measurement
  • Automation – batches run daily, weekly, monthly
  • Fulfillment – Send fulfillment by email to the mail house
  • Auto Replies – Replies to any conversion with an email you design
  • Redirection – Takes conversions to the landing page of your choice
  • Newsletters

    Schedule traditional newsletters

  • Auto-replies

    Automatically trigger an auto-reply when a Lead is created.

  • Drip Campaigns

    Send follow-up emails automatically after Leads perform a specific action.

  • Automatic Emails

    Automatically send emails on a fixed schedule. Like daily snow reports or weekly events lists.

  • Dynamic Email Content

    Content from blogs, calendars, snow reports, or anything on the web can be automatically added to an email.

  • Conditional Content

    Different content can be shown in emails depending on what we know about the recipient.

  • Multiple List Management

    Subscribers can be on one or multiple lists

  • List Filtering

    Send to portions of lists depending on multiple criteria.

  • Optional Double Opt-In

    Use an opt-in confirmation email to comply with Canadian anti-SPAM rules.

  • A/B/C/D Split Testing

    Test, combine, and automatically send the best subject line (open rate) and best email body (click-through rate).

In the Cloud

All your data has a home in the cloud. We created the Tourism Data Model to accept data from multiple sources and formats. Clients store Inquiries, Fulfillment, Welcome Center Traffic, Occupancy Rates, Profiles, Behaviors, Reservations, Advertising and Media Impressions, Research, Economic Indicators and Social Media. If you have proprietary data in a unique format, no problem.


Rules can be applied to the Tourism Engine® to automate routine tasks. A rule is implemented at the database level to clean data, send fulfillment or extract data from other sources. A rule can be set up for real time or batch processing.

Analysis Interface

We offer a visualization layer on top of the data that helps you understand what it’s telling you. Turning the data into knowledge may be the most important thing you do. We use Tableau Business Intelligence software to generate an interactive experience with your data. After an exhaustive search, clients found it to be the easiest, most powerful visualization to use. A short demo will prove that for you.

Who Uses It?

Colorado Tourism Office, Travel Oregon, Seaside Oregon, Visit Fort Collins, Alamosa Colorado, Visit Pikes Peak, Spanish Peaks Country, Durango Area Tourism Office, Echo Canyon River Expeditions and 30+ other Tourism DMOs, CVBs and Attractions

Complete Feature List

  • Lead Management [CRM]: Nurture 3rd party Leads, Publication requests and Reservations
  • Marketing Automation: Automate routine tasks like Lead processing and distributing Leads to Industry Partners
  • Form Builder: Create forms to capture Leads for publications, Events, Newsletter Sign Up and Social Media
  • Cloud Storage: Your data is stored in the Cloud (direct data access can be enabled)
  • Rules Engine: Rules can update, add, edit or append data. They can also be associated with Workflow Automation
  • Web To Lead: Captures form data for Inquiries with Redundancy for Fail Over
  • Lead Import: Upload Leads from any file and send emails to them
  • Email Delivery: Send bulk releases to your lists.
  • List Management: Lists can be generated at run-time by filtering your conversion data, Leads, Reservations or other data captured.
  • Fulfillment: Send publication requests directly to the fulfillment house or print mailing lists
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Email Builder: Creating emails uses the same interface and features as the Content Management system

Delivery Time

Installing a new instance for you is automated and takes a few hours. At that time it’s ready to receive data. The implementation of forms depends on your webmaster’s skills. We can implement forms in a day or so.

Plugins are available for WordPress CMS sites; Components are available for Joomla! CMS sites; Webforms 6, 7, & 8 work for Drupal CMS; and other sites can be integrated easily with some prebuilt PHP or Javascript.

Alamosa Convention and Visitors Bureau
Breckenridge, Colorado
Colorado Ski Country USA
Durango, Colorado
Echo Canyon River Expeditions
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Gunisson and Crested Butte, Colorado
Mesa Verde Country
Ouray, Colorado
Seaside, Oregon
Spanish Peaks Country
Travel Oregon

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