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Mt. Hood, OR

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Tourism Engine

How do you stay in touch with current and potential customers?

Through frequent emails or drip campaigns, email is a great way to keep your brand’s name relevant in customer’s minds. What many brands struggle with is that emails take time. Tourism Engine, our proprietary tool built specifically for the tourism industry, allows you to automate the personalization, segmentation, and optimization of your email marketing, saving you time to focus on other work. Have an existing database API, marketing, or sales tool? Tourism Engine can integrate with or even replace them.

The Pollinator

When and where is the right time to reach your audience?

The digital landscape is constantly evolving, and understanding digital behaviors is becoming more complex than ever.

With The Pollinator, you can connect the dots between touch points on a customer’s digital journey, from web searches, social media visits, email opens, ad clicks, and more. This helps you make sense of each interaction and reach customers with relevant, timely messages.

Do you work at a regional level or within a large organization and want visibility into how your partners work together? The Pollinator can show you the impact of your marketing behaviors across the collective.

Itinerary builder

Sometimes, lookers need a little extra inspiration before booking their next trip.

Our website plug-in itinerary builder allows visitors to build the perfect itinerary based on activities listed on your website to be shared, printed, or saved.

Other Features:
Capture unique customer data
Brand-specific customization
Comprehensive reporting

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