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Great Smoky Mountains Railroad

The preservation of history is an endeavor no less important to the future of this nation than the preservation of life itself. History defines and documents the very character of our country. It portrays our greatest social and technological triumphs. It also reminds us of our failures so that they may not be repeated. Most important, history absolutely points out to us the true source of America’s greatness: the ideas, inventions, courage, ethics, and morality of the men and women living in our atmosphere of freedom. American Heritage Railways (AHR) is a heritage tourism company based on the preservation of history. Its current operations reach nearly 1.5 million guests annually through directly owned railroads, attractions, and the licensing of special events at over 50 additional properties. American Heritage Railways is a unique company with a tremendous future grounded in the historic past. Its assets include American railroad treasures, extensive land holdings, and valuable intellectual properties. We care deeply about the customers we serve and look forward to sharing our passion with you and your family.