The Pollinator

Understand your traveler’s journey from planning to browsing to booking, and reach them with the right messages when they are most likely to take action. 

Insights into the Traveler’s Journey

Access to new platforms, social media, and online booking has changed how the 21st-century traveler plans and books trips. With The Pollinator, you can connect the dots between touch-points along their journey, and then use that map to confidently message your audience.

Meaningful Data 

Through digital footprint data, such as web searches, social media visits, email opens, ad clicks and more, The Pollinator helps you make sense of these interactions and reach customers with relevant, timely messages at each stage of their journey.

Integrated Network

If you work at a regional level or within a large association, you need to understand how all of your partners work together. With The Pollinator, everything connects into one network, giving you the ability to see the upstream and downstream impact of marketing behaviors across the collective.

Improved ROI

The Pollinator captures leads and sales to help you deliver measurable ROI to leadership, partners, and the board. Show the value of your marketing efforts, and make the case for new programs and investments.

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