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Author: Ayaka Jones

Rebranding Visit Alamosa’s First Impression

Colorado is known for its majestic landscapes and all-year-round outdoor activities. Alamosa, rooted in the heart of the Majestic San Luis Valley, is a perfect getaway to The Great Sand Dunes National Park. 

Since working with Visit Alamosa back in 2008, the Agency has led four rebranding projects for its website.

On our latest rebrand, we wanted to keep in mind Alamosa’s effort to promote all there is to offer at The Great Sand Dunes National Park – Dark Skies at the park.

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Growing Brand Loyalty through Organic Social Media

Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Road and Museum is known for its history preservation work through scenic steam train rides operating on a National Historic Landmark, concluding the journey with a stop at the museum. 

Setting the Scene

The Durango Train and its authentic 1882 railroading adventure captured many hearts through the decades, creating a dedicated fan base. But why stop there? 

We knew that with the limitless potential social media holds today, we could reach new streams of audiences and widen brand awareness. 

Our Approach

Building awareness is critical for brands. But what sets long-term results apart is making sure the digital content and experiences are engaging, making audiences want “more.” 

In 2023, the team implemented structural strategies for the @dsngrr Facebook and Instagram pages. Focusing on content intractability and consistency, the positive changes were clear.

Based on the success, later in 2023, our team branched out to TikTok, which shows promising and healthy growth.

Results Earned

Increase in page likes and follow*

Page Likes

Since 2022


Since 2022

Followers and total organic reach:  

Total Followers


+280k ,

Three months since the launch: 

Engagement by reach,

(↑3.14% benchmark**)

*Duration is from January 1, 2023, to November 30, 2023, comparing traceable data from February 1, 2022, to December 30, 2022
**Based on a study by RivallQ

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