Achieving Alamosa’s Digital Growth Goals Through Email Automation

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The future was looking bright for Alamosa CVB—and not just because of their notoriously bluebird skies. Since 2015, Alamosa had been making steady progress in developing its reputation as a diverse drive-to destination located in South-Central Colorado. Centered in the heart of what’s referred to as the “Majestic San Luis Valley”, Alamosa has landed on the radar for many travelers because of its authentic culture, eclectic attractions, and abundance of unworldly views.

Establishing as the State’s Leading Online Travel Resource Center is overflowing with travel resources spanning information about destinations, attractions, deals, visitor guides and more. If you’ve heard of a fun activity to do in Colorado, chances are you can find a plethora of relevant resources located on their website. The challenge at hand was figuring out a way to effortlessly share “leads” with their clients; respective destinations, attractions, and hospitality locations. What they needed was to be able to automatically send the leads info to the right place when the consumer showed interest or made an action (like requesting a visitor guide) for that specific place. Tourism Engine was just the tool for the job. Aside from operating as an email platform at the surface, the back end looks more like a light CRM  and has the ability to manage and share large amounts of data and reports between partners.

To this day, remains at the forefront of online travel planning websites and powers the lead generation of hundreds of organizations through Tourism Engine.

Inspiring Users to Visit Seaside with Tourism Engine’s Advanced Email Automation

It all started with the spark of an idea from Seaside’s Director of Tourism Marketing, Joshua Heineman. He found himself in conversation with a colleague who predicted a future where web visitors to could be served a unique landing page based on their personal interest. This idea is a perfect match for Tourism Engine, our proprietary email system that thrives on serving emails to recipients with the right message at the right time. Coupled with Joshua’s challenge to increase visitation during the off-season, the project unfolded right in front of us. Loving nothing more than building custom solutions for the needs of an individual client, we were eager to get to work.

The solution was to build a personalized email campaign tailored to visitor interests within Tourism Engine. Users who opted-into Seaside’s email newsletter or requested a visitor guide would get an automated message, which would send them down a highly personalized email automation route based on preferences and interests provided. After a two-week period, consumers would receive a final email that gifts them a custom itinerary (complete with custom CrowdRiff visuals) to inspire them to make the trip. This highly personalized journey resulted in a 30% increase in visitor guide requests and a 50% increase in email newsletter sign-ups. Since then, we’ve deployed similar automation strategies for other DMO’s seeing similar results.

Read more about the story told by the CrowdRiff team, here.

Getting the Tallest Sand Dunes in North America Noticed Online with SEO

Alamosa CVB is located in the heart of the San Luis Valley, offering visitors with an eclectic and authentic outdoor experience. The Great Sand Dunes, Sangre de Cristo mountains, multiple hot springs, Native American heritage and friendly community atmosphere make it an increasingly popular drive-to destination. Although still at the early stage of its destination life cycle, Alamosa and its surrounding area has an immense amount to offer travelers making it feel much like a hidden gem with endless activities to uncover. Currently a full service client of ours, we’ve helped elevate this DMO over the last few years by establishing their adventurous brand and telling the story that is Alamosa.

While Alamosa has a rich history and interesting destination to showcase, it wasn’t meeting it’s potential. We picked up this opportunity and implemented SEO efforts. In 2019’s Q3, we performed a deep dive into SEO work, with much emphasis pertaining to the content about the Great Sand Dunes National Park, the region’s favored attraction. From audit to execution, the results came back showing an increase in pageviews (compared to the same time-frame as the previous year) by 167% and a reduced bounce rate of 3%. Website traffic coming from organic search increased by 56% increase and average time on the Great Sand Dunes page increased by 41%. Today we continue to utilize SEO and inspiring storytelling content to help convert lookers into bookers.

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Resizing Images for Emails and Websites

An image makes a story more compelling; it shows a scene better than words ever could, which is why using images in any marketing campaign is always a good idea. Their downfall? File size. 

Even optimized JPGs and PNGs can grow the file size of a webpage or email exponentially, so it’s important to make sure the images you use are sized correctly for their use.

Creating GIFs from Video

GIFs have great versatility for digital marketing. They are eye-catching, loop automatically, usually have a small file size, and they look great in an email or on a webpage. 

We already talked about how to make a GIF sideshow, but maybe you’ve got a video that you want to make into a GIF. We recently launched an itinerary planner on and we used a GIF to demonstrate how to use the planner, and also to show it off a bit. Here’s how we did it:

ocean view overlooking a cliff

Building the Plane While You Fly: The Road to Recovery for Tourism

Since COVID-19 reared its ugly head and flipped the script for travel and tourism destinations across the globe, industry leaders have been quick to adopt revised marketing strategies to address the shift in consumer behavior. For many, this plan incorporates a phased approach towards reopening and welcoming back travelers with new safety precautions in place. The Colorado Tourism Office, for example, adopted a route called “Wait, Ready, Set, Go”, which spans the initial travel hiatus to the inevitable rebound of tourism and business as usual. The good news is that most believe we’re past the first phase and onto the next where we can expect to see early adopters of travel making their way to nearby, familiar and less risky destinations. 

The truth about the road to recovery is that no destination’s situation is the same. For that reason, we’re here to offer some guidance.

Earning Over 8x ROAS on Loveland’s Early-Bird Season Pass Campaign

It’s no secret that the ski resort business is hypercompetitive. When resorts aren’t concerned about weather forecasts, they’re focusing on reaching new audience segments and growing their skier base; a challenging task when ski resort conglomerates like Alterra Mountain Co. and Vail Resorts are absorbing market share. Loveland Ski Area, located 53 miles west of Denver Colorado, sought out our team to help plan and execute a paid social media campaign to drive their season pass sales. The “season pass” product is launched annually in a highly competitive landscape as most ski resorts execute their own campaigns around the same timeframe. Responsible for the majority of annual product revenue, the success of this campaign is crucial in helping the resort reach its annual goals.

When this campaign was said and done, we earned over 8x the return on ad spend. This success was made possible by combining our agency’s deep understanding for the snowsports industry and prowess in serving highly detailed, precise ads through Facebook and Instagram. Our paid social campaign leveraged key audience segments, lookalike audiences, and retargeting strategies while communicating Loveland’s highest value points through a tone that was on brand.

New Feature for Tourism Engine Emails: Countdown Timer

Are you creating an email for an event, a sale, or a holiday? This countdown timer is the perfect add-on to create some urgency to your customers. We’ve recently implemented this new feature for Tourism Engine and want to show you how it works!

It can be styled to your liking and branding using the following parameters (in pixels, unless otherwise noted):

outbreak alert on screen

Unprecedented Times Warrant an Unprecedented Response

For the first time ever, our country has a “be back soon” sign up in the window and there’s no telling when service will resume. Our ski resorts have suspended lift service, surf breaks off the coast are going untouched, and national parks across the country are no longer being explored. Virtually all of our favorite destinations (you can tell which mine are) have in some way been altered by the presence of COVID-19 and its accompanying economic downturn. 

I’m sure you’ve seen it countlessly: “We’re navigating through unprecedented times”…if that’s the case, then shouldn’t we think of an unprecedented response in return?

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