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Oregon Road Trip Quiz: Survey for Custom Itinerary Recommendation

Written by Jason Herzog on . Posted in , .

Travel Oregon is the state-level DMO and has a huge archive of blog posts, itineraries, and trip recommendations. They use in-state travel writers to keep each post up-to-date as attractions and situations change.

Our objectives were to: gather useful information and data about the potential traveler; and provide helpful travel recommendations to the potential traveler. We knew that people can be reluctant to fill (yet another) boring survey. The traditional approach is to offer the chance at winning a gift card, but we wanted to make sure that everyone who participated received something of value.

The Oregon Road Trip Quiz is a handsome and slick way to learn a little about potential visitors, where they’re interested in going, what activities they’d like to do, and what time window they’re considering. Travel Oregon uses this information in planning, but more importantly to influence visitor behavior with their Visitor Lifecycle Management project (VLM) that uses dynamic and custom content and advanced email automation using Tourism Engine™ and Marketo.

The quiz scores each answer, compares the score to an advanced matrix of possible itineraries, then determines the best one for output and recommendation to the potential traveler.

You can take the quiz yourself by clicking here.

Take the Oregon Road Trip Quiz