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Establishing as the State’s Leading Online Travel Resource Center is overflowing with travel resources spanning information about destinations, attractions, deals, visitor guides and more. If you’ve heard of a fun activity to do in Colorado, chances are you can find a plethora of relevant resources located on their website. The challenge at hand was figuring out a way to effortlessly share “leads” with their clients; respective destinations, attractions, and hospitality locations. What they needed was to be able to automatically send the leads info to the right place when the consumer showed interest or made an action (like requesting a visitor guide) for that specific place. Tourism Engine was just the tool for the job. Aside from operating as an email platform at the surface, the back end looks more like a light CRM  and has the ability to manage and share large amounts of data and reports between partners.

To this day, remains at the forefront of online travel planning websites and powers the lead generation of hundreds of organizations through Tourism Engine.