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Inspiring Users to Visit Seaside with Tourism Engine’s Advanced Email Automation

Written by Jason Herzog on . Posted in , .

It all started with the spark of an idea from Seaside’s Director of Tourism Marketing, Joshua Heineman. He found himself in conversation with a colleague who predicted a future where web visitors to could be served a unique landing page based on their personal interest. This idea is a perfect match for Tourism Engine, our proprietary email system that thrives on serving emails to recipients with the right message at the right time. Coupled with Joshua’s challenge to increase visitation during the off-season, the project unfolded right in front of us. Loving nothing more than building custom solutions for the needs of an individual client, we were eager to get to work.

The solution was to build a personalized email campaign tailored to visitor interests within Tourism Engine. Users who opted-into Seaside’s email newsletter or requested a visitor guide would get an automated message, which would send them down a highly personalized email automation route based on preferences and interests provided. After a two-week period, consumers would receive a final email that gifts them a custom itinerary (complete with custom CrowdRiff visuals) to inspire them to make the trip. This highly personalized journey resulted in a 30% increase in visitor guide requests and a 50% increase in email newsletter sign-ups. Since then, we’ve deployed similar automation strategies for other DMO’s seeing similar results.

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