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New Feature for Tourism Engine Emails: Countdown Timer

Written by Jason Herzog on . Posted in , , .

Are you creating an email for an event, a sale, or a holiday? This countdown timer is the perfect add-on to create some urgency to your customers. We’ve recently implemented this new feature for Tourism Engine and want to show you how it works!

It can be styled to your liking and branding using the following parameters (in pixels, unless otherwise noted):

  • width
  • height
  • background color (hex)
  • font(from the list below)
  • font color(hex)
  • font size
  • x-offset
  • y-offset
  • label-offset

Available Fonts:

  • BabasNeue (default)
  • OpenSans-Regular
  • Roboto-Bold
  • TimesNewRoman
  • Vollkorn-Regular

If you’d like to use a different font, email us a .ttf file of the font and we can add it for you.

There is a default style built-in, so you can just add your date and time to get it up and running fast.

Here’s the base template counting down to July 4, 2020:
Time Format=year-month-day+hours:minutes:seconds


Here is a styled version of the same countdown with all of the parameters:,4,6.5,9

To edit the style, paste the url into the browser of your choice and style it there by changing the parameters. After you have it looking great, copy the URL paste it in as an image into your email.

Watch this video for a demonstration of that process:

This timer is set to the Denver, CO timezone. If you’d like to use a different timezone, just shoot us an email and we can do a custom install on your TE instance with a timezone of your choice.

Keep an eye out for a countdown widget on the TE email editor to streamline this process in the next month or so. We’ll be sure to let you know when it’s live.